Superior teeth whitening, trusted by dentists.

Boutique is a professional tooth whitening system, trusted globally by thousands of dentists and renowned for producing incredible results.

Boutique is a professional tooth-whitening system, trusted globally and renowned for providing high quality and innovative whitening products.

Our Teeth Whitening Products

We offer a wide range of whitening gels to suite most of your patients needs.

Boutique by Day

Contains 6% Hydrogen Peroxide and whitens teeth with 1.5 hours wear time per day.

Boutique by Night 10%

Contains 10% Carbamide Peroxide and whitens whilst you sleep. This formula is for people who have slight sensitivity.

Boutique by Night 16%

Contains 16% Carbamide Peroxide, our maximum strength overnight formula, to whiten whilst you sleep.

Boutique B1 Guarantee

Contains 16% Carbamide Peroxide, our maximum strength overnight formula, to whiten whilst you sleep – and we guarantee shade B1.

Boutique Hybrid Pro

Contains 4.25% Hydrogen Peroxide and 4.25% Carbamide Peroxide. This is an overnight gel with a double action formula to provide instant, and sustained whitening action.

Boutique Biomin Toothpaste

This toothpaste is designed to work in combination with Boutique Whitening gel to reduce sensitivity and replace lost minerals on the tooth surface. Armour for teeth!

Boutique Biomin Formula

Boutique Biomin formula contains a new generation of bioactive glass, incorporating fluoride, phosphate and calcium ions which are released gradually over 12 hours. As it dissolves, the glass structure precipitates as fluorapatite which aids remineralisation of tooth enamel.

Fluorapatite is more stable and resistant to acidic attack than hydroxyapatite formed by previous generation bioactive glass.

Biomin particles chemically bond to calcium in the enamel, and as they dissolve the ions occlude exposed dentinal tubules which prevent hydraulic conductance, and reduces sensitivity.

Biomin is engineered for ‘smart activation’ in acidic environments, such as following consumption of certain food and drink. Low pH causes the bioactive glass to dissolve more rapidly, neutralising the acid, restoring pH balance and replacing lost minerals.

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