I have used Boutique for several years now and have always been impressed with the results. I consistently achieve B1 or lighter for my patients, and my patients love it. Not only is the product fantastic and great value for money but the support from the boutique team is second to none; they listen to feedback and really value their clients.

Angela Ly

Boutique has become my go-to whitening product. The trays are amazingly well-fitted, comfortable and I get fantastic results every time.

Nilesh Parmar

Boutique have nailed it. Both their day and night whitening gels deliver dependable whitening with minimal sensitivity. But what I really love is the experience they’ve created with their product. The marketing, branding and packaging are sublime. My patients feel excited that they’re on the whitening journey and I’m confident I can deliver the results every time. Boutique is now well and truly my go-to.

Gareth Edwards

Absolutely love using the Boutique Whitening system, I ALWAYS get fantastic results, patients really like the packing and it’s great value for money! Honestly, it’s the best system I have used!

Kerri Lee Clark

Boutique Whitening is an exceptional product that has had a huge impact on my clinical practice. Working in a cosmetically focussed clinic, my patients have very high expectations, and Boutique delivers optimum results every time.

David Bretton

Easily, it's the best and we don't stop talking about it! Our patients just love it. It’s a no-brainer from my side. Boutique all the way!

Daniel Cheung

I use Boutique Whitening because my patients demand a result from their whitening, with minimal sensitivity and a comfortable process. Would recommend Boutique to any dentists out there looking for a great product and excellent customer service

Sam Jethwa

I use Boutique Whitening because it’s a premium whitening system that undoubtedly delivers superior results for me and my patients. I love that it is tailored to fit in with your lifestyle. Day or night, with Boutique you just cannot go wrong!

Chetan Sharma

I have used many brands of tooth whitening on both myself and prescribed to patients. Without a doubt, Boutique exceeds all in quality and customer service. Patients love Boutique. My go-to when recommending whitening to patients (and family!).

Merriem Hameed

By far the most superior whitening system I have used; simple and effective. Since using Boutique Whitening I have stopped using any other whitening system!

Raj Juneja

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