Woman loses four front teeth after botched whitening job

Bella Battle reports in The Sun about a woman who lost teeth as a result of whitening treatment from a beautician.

A MUM lost her FRONT TEETH after botched cosmetic dental treatment by an
unlicensed beautician.

Kellie Taylor, 43, paid £65 for a course of tooth whitening, unaware the rogue
technician had no idea what she was doing.

Thanks to a botched job, the peroxide used weakened her gums, leaving her
dentist with no option but to pull out her damaged teeth.

The treatment wrecked her two front teeth but the dentist also had to take out
the adjacent two to make room for false teeth to be fitted.

Beautician Natalie Kowalczyk – who is still working – has been ordered to pay
compensation to Kellie after she admitted unlawfully practising dentistry.

But Kellie said she has wrecked her confidence and left her facing more
expensive treatment to restore her appearance.

She said: “I went to have it done for pure vanity reasons and it left me
scared of leaving the house in case people saw what I looked like.

“There was an offer on tooth whitening and it sounded like a good deal so
I went along and didn’t even think about what could go wrong.

“Halfway through everything started to feel sore and sensitive. I didn’t
know how it was supposed to feel but I could tell it wasn’t right.

“Two weeks later I was still on painkillers and when I went to the
dentist he said there was nothing he could do but take my teeth out.”

Team leader Kellie now relies on a plate with two false teeth attached which
she has to glue into place in her mouth.

The mum-of-two added: “It’s a huge inconvenience and it doesn’t matter
how natural they look, I know they’re not my own teeth.

“She doesn’t understand the consequences her actions have had on my life
and how it has affected my confidence.

“I’ve not had one apology or any sign that she’s accepted what she’s done
is wrong.

“I’m hoping to find the money to get dental implants so that they’re

Kowalczyk was hauled before Lancaster Magistrates Court earlier this month.

She was sentenced to a 12 month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £250
compensation to Kellie for her pain and suffering.

She also had to pay £65 to reimburse the cost of the treatment carried out at
Jo & Cass salon in Lancaster, Lancs., on February 5 this year.

Kellie, from Lancaster, said: “£315 doesn’t cover the pain and suffering
I’ve had.

“I don’t know how someone has the nerve to try and perform a procedure
like that without the correct training and qualifications.”

By law, tooth whitening must only be carried out by registered dentists,
dental hygienists, dental therapists and clinical dental technicians working
to the prescription of a dentist.

Make sure you avoid the misery of treatments by unqualified people such as beauticians and ask your dentist about Boutique Whitening.

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