Tooth whitening treatment ended up with hospitalisation

Cosmopolitan writer Elizabeth Narins wrote on Facebook about whitening gone wrong.

A woman wanted to celebrated having her braces removed by going for tooth whitening treatment. Unfortunately, she booked her treatment with a woman who is not a registered dental professional and had been recommended via friends of social media.

The person giving the treatment didn’t ask any questions about the woman’s health, past dental treatment or allegies, so after the hour long treatment, her lips had swollen alarmingly. and she was struggling to speak. The treatment provider suggested she apply some lipstick!

The unfortunate victim of this treatment took antihistamine at home, and used ice to try to reduce the swelling, but the day afterwards, her lips were fused together. Her GP told her it was a lesson learned and the ointment suggested by a pharmacist did nothing to improve the situation.

“My whole mouth felt like it was on fire like after you eat something extremely spicy,” she wrote in her Facebook post. “Trying to eat, drink or speak was the sorest and most uncomfortable pain I’ve had.”

NHS Scotland advised her to head straight for a dental hospital, where she was diagnosed with third degree burns and possibly an allergic reaction. She was prescribed effective medication and had to endure a very soft, bland diet whilst her lips recovered.

She was not looking for revenge, but she did want to warn people to be very wary of individuals who offer teeth whitening who are not registered dental practitioners.

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