New teeth whitening trend causing alarm amongst dentists

The Metro’s Lizzie Thomson has shared news that people are rubbing bleach directly onto their teeth in an attempt to whiten them.

One of the most recent TikTok beauty trends sees teens rubbing bleach straight on their teeth with a cotton bud, in an attempt to make them whiter. In one such video, which has received more 15 million views, a teenager explains she buys hydrogen peroxide on its own, as it’s the main ingredient in whitening strips. In the clip, she applies the hydrogen peroxide to her teeth with a cotton bud and explains that she stopped doing this after four days as the results were so ‘good’. 

Since the TikTok videos, it’s been reported there’s been a huge spike in sales for hydrogen peroxide. Dentists urge people not to do DIY teeth whitening in this way, because it can cause serious damage to young people’s teeth.

A dentist said ‘Applying hydrogen peroxide, or bleach as it’s more commonly known, is likely to lead to painful tooth sensitivity at best.  In the worst case scenario, a high concentration could bring about severe burns on the inside of the mouth, lips and gums. It could even result in the need for gum grafts and tooth loss, which can be tricky to fix. Even more worrying is the fact that bleach can be deadly if consumed.’

While the results might seem instantly satisfying, applying bleach to your teeth may cause pain further down the line and cost a lot of money to correct.

The safe way to whiten your teeth is to ask for the help of a qualified and experienced, registered professional – your dentist.

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