Mum’s cheap teeth whitening kit left her looking like she had botched lip fillers

A mum woke in horror after her cut price teeth whitening kit left her looking like she’d had botched lip fillers.

One woman’s attempt to acquire whiter teeth should be seen as a warning to anyone tempted by today’s all too common ‘fast, easy and money saving’ teeth whitening offers. 

One of the reasons that it is essential to consult a qualified dentist about teeth whitening is because the approved, safe whitening products are only available on prescription.  Any others are liable to cause you pain, loss and damage. It is easy to be attracted to the cheap deal and the quick fix, but this could cost you so much more in the end. Be wise – use the professionals who are regulated, can prescribe specifically for your particular needs, and will keep you safe.  If you’re not yet convinced, read on……

A young mother and management professional thought she’d hit on a bargain when she bought tooth whitening treatment  – but she had an allergic reaction to the product which resulted in a swollen and blistered mouth to the extent that she couldn’t eat properly or speak.   She had been tempted by the prospect of someone coming to her home and of course the price.  

This wasn’t the woman’s first experience of teeth whitening; it was her third, and with the first two, there had been no side effects.  On the third occasion, she was given a mouth guard filled with the whitening gel, just like on the previous occasions.  However, this time she felt the guard was dragging her lip out of shape and that all wasn’t as it should be.  The provider tried to hold her lips up during the hour long treatment, then afterwards gave tips on what to eat and drink, and how to use an aftercare gel.

After 48 hours, the swelling had reduced but the blisters remained and took a long time to heal, with the help of antihistamines and Ibuprofen, and a liquid diet.

The beautician thought that it was an allergic reaction but knew nothing more.  There was an apology and a follow up call to see how she was doing, but the damage had been done.  She is convinced the soft tissue of her mouth came into contact with leaked whitening gel.  As this contains bleach, it’s no surprise that an injury such as this occurred.

These offers from people other than dentists or dental hygienists may seem like a very good idea, but the cheap prices and quick fixes may cost much more in the long term.   There is no reason why people cannot have the whitening treatment they are hoping for, but it really is worth consulting your dentists, who is qualified to examine your mouth, consider your dental and medical history, and advise on the best whitening treatment for you.  All treatments at your dental surgery are regulated and obtained only on prescription.

So – whilst you ponder on the wisdom of these words, please continue to brush twice a day for 2 minutes each time, and floss after brushing.  Keep regular checkup appointments with your dentist and ask about Boutique Whitening treatments, too.

Feature image: PA Real Life

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