If you’re thinking about over the counter whitening….

Thinking about over the counter whitening? Think again!

There are so many over the counter products to choose from: strips, gels, pens and mouth lights. Researchers from a Manchester University in the UK tested five non-hydrogen peroxide whitening products – on extracted teeth – from various UK high street stores. They found that three out of the five products had the active ingredient sodium chlorite that could reduce the hardness of teeth when acid was present, while raising the likelihood of future surface abrasions.

The BDA advised caution in using these specific products, saying they could damage teeth or be ineffective. The use of products that contain other chemicals claiming to whiten teeth often failed to declare all the exact chemicals used. 

Products sold online have been found to contain dangerous chemicals not regulated, including toxic and even banned substances that can irreparably damage teeth and severely burn gums. 

Trading standards have seized tooth whitening kits containing dangerous levels of hydrogen peroxide more than 33%, highlighting how dangerous high level bleaching gels are, and that they can cause burns to gums, damage to nerves, blistering and permanent gum shrinking to name a few. 

A scientific BDA Professor advised ‘’At Best, people may be wasting their money buying over the counter and online products to whiten teeth. Home whitening kits are likely to take longer and be less effective than treatment from the dentist’’. 

Are you still considering over the counter whitening treatments? 

Don’t gamble your teeth trying to cut costs. Get in touch with your dentist, who is trained to consider your individual oral health needs and detect problems such as gum disease, and who will explain the impact as well as consider the suitability of having your teeth professionally whitened. Dentists across the UK use Boutique Whitening knowing how effective and safe to use it is on our teeth and gums. 

Be kind to your teeth and whiten them the best way, by using Boutique Whitening – prescribed legally only by dentists. 

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