Rogue beauticians are selling dangerous tooth whitening products

The Daily Record covered the story about the Local Government Association calling for action from the UK Government against unlicensed treatments using illegal whitening products.

The treatments being offered at beauty salons contain 300 times the legal limit of hydrogen peroxide, which is much stronger than dental professionals themselves use.

Local councils insist that tougher punishments are in order to clamp down on such dangerous practice. It is the law that only registered dental practices can deliver tooth whitening treatments, and councils want the public to be made aware of this as a matter of urgency.

The call for tougher punishments is a result of beauty salon owners continuing to provide the products and the treatments despite having been prosecuted and fined previously.

Whilst DIY kits and their providers make promises about speedy outcomes, these can cause mouth infections, blistering, burns, nerve damaged, loss of tooth enamel and gum shrinkage.

The local authorities also want to be sure that anyone manufacturing the products as well as anyone selling them will be prosecuted.

The overwhelmingly strong message here is: Don’t allow anyone who is not a registered dental professional to apply anything – or provide you with anything – to apply to your teeth. Contact your dental practice for safe and effective tooth whitening.

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