Be Prepared to Question Teeth Whitening Advice Given on The Internet

YouTube is apparently the 2nd most popular source of teeth whitening information, according to  Springer Nature.  

The countless horror stories in the news from illegal tooth whitening procedures being carried out by non professionals such as beauticians are often the culprits. But unfortunately the many ways of DIY methods and kits so easily bought online are also just as dangerous. The many thousands of YouTube videos suggesting just how you might whiten your teeth at home is horrifying. 

We are all aware by now of the advertising deals our generation’s new celebrities – also known as ‘influencers’ – are paid for using a brand’s products or pretending to use a brand’s products so their fans or ‘followers’ follow suit. Sadly, this method of advertising often leads again to disappointing and dangerous results. 

Unfortunately, YouTube  doesn’t operate with restrictions and filters as to who gives advice about tooth whitening, and many other medical queries sought by patients.   

Most of the videos in the research found that the definition of teeth whitening was the most commonly covered topic by (74.0%) followed by the procedure of application (54.0%). Only 12% of videos were classified as having actual quality content and information. 

Springer Nature concluded that YouTube should not be used as a thoroughly reliable and accurate source for patient information about teeth whitening.  More informative and reliable content about teeth whitening should be uploaded by professionals.  Only registered and licensed dental professionals are by law in the UK allowed to offer teeth whitening treatments.  

Put your safety and your health first and contact your dentist to find out more about teeth whitening.  

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