10 ways to maintain your pearly whites

So many things can contribute to the staining of our teeth. There is a misconception that only sugary foods are bad for our teeth, but good foods containing a chemical compound called Chromogens that give certain foods their colour can – you guessed it – stain our teeth too. 

A substance called Tannin can be found in various foods and drinks and may also lead to discoloration of your teeth. Any drinks and food containing acid also erode our top layer of enamel, then making our teeth vulnerable to staining. 

We panic about staining our clothes with curry or sauces or even have a fit when we spill red wine on our nice cream carpets. Of course, these things that stain our clothes and carpets also stain our teeth. By no means are we suggesting you stop enjoying these foods/drinks, but please take these tips below into account when consuming them. 

This is a simple list of tips and habits to be mindful to keep your teeth white. 

  1. Always rinse your mouth with water after drinking or eating certain foods and drinks that may stain your teeth
  2. Brush your teeth after eating or at least twice a day for two minutes
  3. Carry a metal straw with you and use it when you drink juices and fizzy drinks such as coca-cola
  4. Try reducing your intake of certain foods and drinks that are common for staining teeth
  5. Alternate your coffees and teas for a lighter herbal tea that will give you a natural boost and reduce the staining of your teeth
  6. Get into the habit of flossing after each meal. Flossing is an overlooked tool that is essential for your oral hygiene
  7. Use a mouth wash and ask your dentist for the best one for your own needs
  8. Eating raw crunchy vegetables as alternatives for snacks can act as natural stain removers for your teeth
  9. Don’t smoke. Smoking can yellow your teeth in a short space of time, caused by the tar in cigarettes. After long periods of time smoking, the yellowing of the teeth turns brown
  10. A deficiency in calcium can also lead to discoloration of teeth, so make sure you have your daily intake of calcium.

Are you ready for a whiter, brighter smile?

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