Your Dentist – Your Assurance of a Safer Smile

The safest way to ensure a whiter smile is to have treatment from your dentist.  It may mean a higher cost, but the cost to you if you take risks with whitening treatment could be painful and permanent.

How does it work?

All teeth whitening products use a bleaching agent.  This removes stains to improve the appearance and the colour of your teeth.  Over the counter versions cannot legally use the strength of bleaching which dentists use, so it stands to reason that having the treatment from a dentist will be more effective – and safer.  

The bleaching agent is applied to the outside of the teeth and is contained in trays which are tailor made for you (the dentist takes an impression of your teeth) , so they fit snugly, preventing any leakage of the bleach onto the gums or into the mouth.

Please note that a single discoloured tooth may require a different approach, which your dentist will explain to you.
One of the benefits of having treatment at your dental surgery is that you will undergo an examination of your mouth by your dentist, to be sure that you are a suitable patient for teeth whitening, and so that the dentist can control the intensity of your treatment and its duration, in order to produce the results you want and are happy with. 
It is comprehensively reported that patients are happier with whitening from their dentist and some believe this is because they feel safer and have had no ill effects.  Dentists are trained to know how to handle any emergency or in the unlikely event of any mishap with the treatment.
It must be mentioned that you should not expect overnight results.  The process may take some weeks.  However, it is the end result which is worth waiting for and avoids disappointment and – frankly – the waste of money incurred if your DIY efforts are ineffective.

You will receive your custom-made trays, the gel and clear instructions so that you can continue your treatment at home.  Don’t be tempted to exceed the quantity of gel you put in the trays.  Using excessive gel could be dangerous.  Your dentist is as keen as you are to see the results you’re hoping for, so don’t spoil that.

Are you ready for a whiter, brighter smile?

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