Why you should have your teeth professionally whitened

We’ve all seen the TV adverts, the magazine ads, where everyone’s smiling, with their perfect pearly-white teeth. For most of us, that sparkling white smile is something we don’t possess, but with Boutique professional teeth whitening it can be a reality.

At Boutique Whitening, we offer the most advanced and patient-friendly whitening treatment, Boutique Whitening Day & Night, which delivers safe, reliable results in just a few weeks. The results are fast, painless and affordable. They are so good, you will find yourself unable to stop smiling. 

Teeth whitening is not for everybody and is important to note it won’t work on veneers, dentures, dental implants and fillings. There is cosmetic bonding available to help in those cases, and other options. If you’re not sure whether professional teeth whitening is right for you, consider the following reasons to explore this fast, painless and affordable procedure:

Boost your self-confidence

Your self-esteem really suffers when your smile is yellow. You will most likely hide your smile and refrain from laughing too much out of embarrassment. Boutique teeth whitening can instantly give you the confidence you need with a new, sparkling white smile. With a pearly white smile you will instantly be satisfied and proud to show off your teeth.

Instantly look 10 years younger 

As we age our teeth dim, looking yellow, grey or brown in colour. This puts years on our faces and often has us looking older than we actually are. Professionally whitening your teeth is quick and pain free. Whitening your teeth professionally is the safest way you can change the colour of your teeth by several shades, which will instantly take years off your face. 

The cheapest way to transform your appearance dramatically 

Professionally whitening your teeth is one of the cheapest cosmetic procedures you can have done to dramatically change your appearance. 

Great First Impressions

White teeth can say a lot about a person from the first glance, whether or not you are trying to land your dream job in an interview or on a first date with a potential partner, your teeth can make or break the first impressions. A sparkling white smile looks healthier and shows that you take pride and care in your appearance.  

Erase tough stains

Tough stains are impossible to remove just using a standard toothpaste. Even whitening toothpastes don’t have enough peroxide and chemicals to make a real difference to a slight discoloration, never mind tough stains. If you’re not willing to completely cut out red wine and coffee, consider removing the deep stains they have left you with and look to brighten your enamel. 

Big Life Events 

You could be preparing for your wedding, an engagement party or a big birthday celebration. A pearly white smile will be the best accessory to match your stunning outfit on your big day. It’s also a guarantee your smile will be perfect on any photographs taken. 

Helping to Quit Smoking

Having your teeth professionally whitened is a step forward in achieving your goal to stop smoking. It will help aid your motivation and unwillingness to sacrifice your new white smile. 

Improving Oral Hygiene

Once you have achieved your perfect shade of white teeth, you will want to sustain it as long as possible. The attention people start to give their oral health routine once they have their shiny white smile improves drastically. People take their time flossing, brushing and checking in with their dentists regularly. 

Up your selfie game 

In this Kim Kardashian generation, most of us are accustomed to taking the odd selfie at home or on nights out with our friends. Photographs can often make our teeth look even more yellow than they are in person. Professionally whitening our teeth will give us the confidence and guarantee of a beautiful selfie.  

Pain Free 

Cosmetic procedures are often painful in the name of beauty, but Boutique Whitening is a guaranteed pain-free procedure. It is non-surgical and requires no down time. 

While there are countless products on the market that claim to whiten your teeth, there’s nothing as effective as a customized, professional teeth whitening system. Boutique whitening uses superior custom-made take-home trays and advanced whitening gels that brighten teeth consistently, while reducing sensitivity. 

Professionally whitening your teeth is the simplest solution to the most common problems. We know that not one of us wants less than white teeth. If you look good, you feel good – and the more you smile it will start to rub off on others. 

Get in touch with your dentist today to ask about Boutique Whitening. 

Are you ready for a whiter, brighter smile?

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