Why you should choose a private dentist.

We are often uncertain about how the English dental system works. Do we choose a private or NHS dentist? Which is the best option for cost? Where can we get the best care?

These are common questions we ask ourselves when it comes to choosing the right dentist for us. 

Dental decay is increasing fast with our children in the UK.  Bad oral health is now linked with poor health overall, with links between heart disease and gum disease as an example. Oral cancer and gum disease are on the rise and the NHS is under serious pressure. 

Here’s why you should choose a private dentist:


More often than not, private practitioners are more flexible when it comes to appointment days and times than the NHS. You can often book appointments during the week on evenings and weekends, so you can work around your job and family commitments. 

The convenience of booking in without long waiting times gives you peace of mind. The NHS surgeries often have long waiting lists for appointments, meaning you could wait months for an appointment unless it’s an emergency. 

Joining a private practice can be done immediately, whereas most NHS dentists have waiting lists for new patients, and often dtop taking new patients for long periods of time as they are at full capacity. 


Private dentists offer the best quality products and materials. Aesthetically, private dentists results are more attractive than the results given by NHS practices. This is because of their emphasis on the more cosmetic side to dentistry. The NHS are government funded, so they have to adhere to time and budget limits, meaning they concentrate on the functionality of their products and services. 

Customised Treatments

If a smile makeover if something you require, then going private is the only way you can do that fully. The NHS have restrictions on services they provide, which mean tooth whitening doesn’t fit the criteria for eligible NHS funding. If you would like a brace but the dentist and orthodontists don’t think your crooked teeth are causing problems with your bite or anything harmful, they will not give you a brace. 

Quick Straight Teeth, Invisalign and Boutique Whitening are popular ways to give you a smile makeover. These are all products you can use through a private dentist. Private practitioners take all your worries and needs into consideration when working with you. They want you to not only have a healthy smile but they also want you to be able to smile with confidence too. 

No rushing

Waiting rooms in NHS practices have a one in one out policy, which often have people feeling like cattle. Patients have to wait hours over their scheduled appointment time and once they have their time, it is rushed. This is owing to overrun practices for NHS patients and not enough staff and time to physically give to each individual visiting. 

Private Dentists often have waiting rooms with few people waiting at a time. They offer adequate time in their appointments to help the patient feel listened to and talk over any problems and issues they can or cannot fix, helping the patient feel important and less rushed. 


There is an NHS set scale of charges for those who do not qualify for free treatment.

Private dentists do charge for appointments, procedures and prescriptions, but more often than not the cost is more affordable than one is led to believe. The average for a check up appointment is £25 across the UK. Private dentists are independent and they do work for profit, unlike the NHS. Finance options are usually available to fit around individual needs. 


Both have advantages and disadvantages, but taking all things into consideration above, choosing private when possible is advisable for the best overall experience. 

If everyday appointments and procedures are not affordable for your lifestyle, you can use the NHS. If your finances change at any point you can join a private dentist alongside for any cosmetic needs. 

The NHS is there to help us all, but it does have enormous pressure hanging over it everyday. If you can afford to go private you will not regret the switch.

Dentist appointments should be at the very least comfortable for patients. 

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