Why you should always go to your dentist for teeth whitening

The most popular way of improving the appearance of your teeth is teeth whitening. It’s a highly effective way of transforming your smile. Whitening kits are easily accessible online, so why go to your dentist instead of doing it yourself? 

The most common approach to teeth whitening involves the use of hydrogen peroxide, a type of bleach, which effectively bleaches the outer surface of your teeth and makes them visually whiter. The whitening kits usually prescribed by your dentist typically contain between 0.1 and 6% hydrogen peroxide, while the over the counter whitening products are limited to under 0.1%. This amount is both ineffective and pointless. 

As teeth whitening kits are mass produced and again so acceptable, many of them sold online are unregulated, exceed the recommended safety limits and cause disastrous, irreversible damage to your teeth, which can affect your health in various threatening ways.

Unlike the kits available online and in the shops, a home whitening kit provided by your dentist is the safest, most convenient way to achieve those perfect white teeth you have been looking for. Before prescribing you with a whitening treatment, your dentist will examine and assess your teeth and mouth and only when the dentist is happy with the results of the examination will he allow the whitening to go ahead. Your dentist wants to take care of your teeth, whereas a seller supplying a product online has no connection to any individual’s specific needs and allows anybody to buy their product. 

Once you get the go ahead from your dentist, a custom mould of your teeth will be created to build a whitening tray to fit perfectly in your mouth. You will then be provided with a whitening gel such as Boutiques Day or Night version made for your personal preference, This provides a convenient, gradual way of whitening your teeth for safe, long lasting results. 

Whilst dentist whitening treatments such as Boutique Whitening are more expensive than the internet and over the counter bought products, the advantage of choosing  guided teeth whitening from your dentist is that this is the safest way you can transform your smile. Knowing that the ingredients are regulated and you’re not compromising your teeth or health will also give you peace of mind. For more information on why you should always choose teeth whitening through your dentist please check out our horror stories.   

Are you ready for a whiter, brighter smile?

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