Why are my teeth yellow?

Who doesn’t love a white smile? We all crave pearly white teeth, yet increasingly our confidence is shattered by our teeth turning yellow as we age. The science behind this very common problem is based upon a few factors. 

Tooth colour is affected by the way teeth reflect, absorb light and scatter. As drinkers of red wine and hot drinks such as teas and coffees would know, the outer enamel layer of teeth can easily stain, leaving our teeth yellow. However, the problem is deeper than the surface layer. The enamel coating of our teeth is fairly translucent; the underlying yellow dentin plays one of the biggest factors in the discolouring of our tooth colour.

What are teeth made of?

The outer layer of the tooth is made from crystalline calcium phosphate, commonly known as ‘’enamel’’. The somewhat translucent mineral is very strong and porous. Underneath the enamel layer is dentin, a softer substance that makes up the majority of the tooth. Dentin is yellow in colour, and this is what shows through when enamel has eroded or teeth are not clean. Enamel is actually the hardest tissue in the human body, but it does not contain collagen and therefore once enamel formation is over, the tooth cannot form more enamel. 

Extrinsic staining and Intrinsic stains are the two types of teeth staining. Extrinsic stains occur on the outside of the tooth while Intrinsic stains occur on the inner structure of the tooth. Seeking help from a professional dentist accredited in tooth whitening is key to determining what type of teeth staining you have and finding a treatment that works best for you. 

Multi award winning Boutique Teeth Whitening is a professional treatment designed to keep your tooth whitening procedure safe and simple with convenient day and night options to best suit your individual needs. The treatment can only be prescribed from a professional dentist who will take precision moulds of your teeth which will be manufactured into your own tray. The formulation is made with pH neutral gels to protect your teeth. It has integrated potassium nitrate to reduce sensitivity and a high water content to keep teeth hydrated. In a matter of weeks you will have achieved your new white smile. 

For an even better result it’s advised to use Biomin toothpaste to help create that perfect white smile. It has been manufactured to ensure a more comfortable whitening experience, and to prolong the effects of tooth whitening. There is a wealth of clinical studies to show that Biomin helps to rebuild the tooth surface, replacing lost minerals and reducing sensitivity. Ideally used 2 weeks prior to whitening, and throughout the whitening process. It can be used after the whitening is completed to help maintain white teeth and reduce the symptoms of sensitivity. 

Now you know the science behind your tooth discolouration. A smile transformation is not impossible.  With Boutique Whitening and Biomin, a brighter, more attractive white smile is definitely not out of reach! 

Are you ready for a whiter, brighter smile?

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