True or False- your Teeth whitening questions answered

At a time when teeth whitening is more popular than ever, it’s useful to know the facts.

Teeth whitening is in fashion

Always. Most people would choose crisp white teeth as opposed to stained ones. Having bright white teeth isn’t a new concept, and appearing confident with a Hollywood smile will always be appealing. The whiteness of your teeth is closely linked to confidence and the first impression that’s given in situations such as employment interviews and meeting new people.

Teeth whitening ruins your teeth

Many worry that teeth whitening treatment can be harmful to their dental health. This is understandable, yet long term safety has been established in the teeth whitening procedure. A dentist’s key job is ensuring the utmost dental care, so professional teeth whitening is tried and tested to ensure minimal risks.

Over the counter kits work just as well as any other

There is definitely more risk in using home whitening kits because you are taking the trained and experienced dentist out of the equation. Some over the counter kits use acids that can have an abrasive effect on the teeth and enamel. The limit of hydrogen peroxide (the agent used in the whitening gel) that dentists can use is 6% in the UK. Most over the counter kits vary but most available contain a maximum of 0.1%. A considerable lower level of whitening agent suggests a shorter-term whitening effect on your teeth. Therefore, we often suggest professional treatment over alternatives for a safer, longer-lasting result.

I can’t drink tea, coffee or wine ever again

It’s true in the sense teeth whitening is unlikely to last as long if you drink products that stain your teeth. Yet it is not true in that you cannot drink caffeine or wine at all. Most professionals suggest alternatively moderating your intake instead of cutting it out completely. But most dentists only ask their patients to refrain from these products during the teeth whitening process itself, as now with the likelihood and opportunity for whitening touch-ups, a change in diet won’t be necessary.

If you have sensitive teeth you cannot get your teeth whitened.

False. It is true that if you suffer from sensitive teeth this could increase sensitivity during the course of the treatment. Yet this doesn’t mean you cannot have your teeth whitened. The professional will look out for your problem areas that are the most sensitive and therefore be able to regulate your pain accordingly during treatment. Remember that the sensitivity you may experience is only temporary and you should only experience it very short term. Your dentist may even suggest an anti-sensitivity toothpaste before treatment.

Shop around for the best deal

With the demand for whitening currently sky high, it is the most requested dental procedure, so we understand many are obviously looking for the best deals! But many in the know strongly believe you do get what you pay for as you are not only paying for the procedure but also safety of the skilled dentist behind it.

Are you ready for a whiter, brighter smile?

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