The History of Teeth Whitening

When did teeth whitening start?

The first examples of orthodontic treatments started around 4,000 years ago with the Ancient Egyptians. Teeth whitening was one of the advanced treatments they practised. 

Ancient Egyptians paved the way for many of the things we use today. With their intelligence they came up with a concoction of white vinegar and a pumice stone to ground up and mix together creating a whitening paste for their teeth. Similar to today’s teeth whitening trend, the whitening solution was widely used as it represented beauty and wealth to have white teeth. 

The solution sounds pretty gross, but nothing compared with the Ancient Roman use of adding their own urine to their toothbrush and brushing their teeth with it. This idea used the bleaching effect the ammonia gave the teeth to whiten for their desired colour. 

As early as the 1800s, dentists started using fluoride with patients, seeing how a small amount acted as a shield against harsh discoloration and cavities while eating and drinking.

Luckily for us, technology has progressed significantly, meaning we no longer have to use such concoctions. However, as technology has progressed so much, illegal and non approved whitening treatments have slipped through the net, meaning all kinds of teeth whitening products can be easily bought online or over the counter. 

One of the biggest issues we face is the number of beauticians dangerously performing teeth whitening procedures every day, causing devastating and irreversible results. The number of influencers with big followings are paid to advertise products for a lot of online businesses without having the qualifications to do so. In fact, they often admit after tragedies occur to never using the products themselves and simply agreeing to a picture for paid promotion. 

The only way you should ever whiten your teeth today is by investing in professional teeth whitening. This way, you are bound to save money on future dental costs should damage arise, and you guarantee yourself  the best results in a fast and pain free way.  

Dentists are the only people legally allowed to whiten your teeth. They will only advocate for something they know is premium quality and safe to use on their patients. 

Boutique Whitening is the nation’s top teeth whitening treatment used across the UK and beyond. It can only legally be used by a registered dentist, who will check your oral health and teeth conditions before whitening.  There is every good reason to put your faith in a highly trained professional such as those who are registered and licensed to use Boutique Whitening.

The sophisticated treatment today begins with digital impressions being taken of your teeth to make custom fit trays that are made to fit your exact tooth structure. Your dentist will take everything into account and discuss the exact shade you desire, considering things like your hair, skin and eye colour, for the best natural looking results. They will also discuss whether or not the Boutique Night or the Day options are the most convenient for your lifestyle and comfort. 

It’s comforting to know that teeth whitening has come a long way since a pumice stone and vinegar. Enquire about Boutique Whitening today and reward yourself with that dazzling smile you long for.  

Are you ready for a whiter, brighter smile?

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