Teeth whitening for confidence

How readily do you smile without any inhibition?  Do you hold back a little?  Many people dream of the freedom of a completely confident smile to offer to the world.       

Nowadays, your dentist can help you achieve this freedom.  

Firstly, your dentist will examine your mouth and teeth to make sure there are no reasons why you cannot have whitening treatment.  It is the professional’s job to keep you safe from harm or doing any further damage if there is already an issue which must be treated before your whitening product is applied.    

Once it is confirmed that you are suitable for teeth whitening, an impression will be taken of your teeth so that a bespoke tray can be made, which will contain the whitening gel and fit snugly around your teeth so as to avoid any of the product leaking onto your gums or into your mouth.

You will then be given detailed instructions and you’ll go home with the kit that you need to carry out the applications at home.  

Be patient.  Contrary to some opinion, whitening really does not take place overnight.  Whilst the gel contains hydrogen peroxide (bleach) the strength is limited by law and it’s limited to keep you safe from harm. 

Once you have applied the gel sufficiently, you should have the brighter smile you were looking for, but as with all things worth having, the effort doesn’t stop there: you must maintain a really good oral hygiene regime, avoid foods and beverages which are known to stain your teeth, and remember to rinse your mouth with water 30  minutes after eating.  Of course, you should also attend regular oral hygiene appointments back at your dentist. 

A note of caution, given recent publicity arising from a TikTok video:  Never ever apply bleach to your teeth yourself – in the video it’s using a Q tip – because those trays provided by your dentist are tailor made for your mouth and used to provide the level of protection you need.  Only dental professionals are legally able to provide teeth whitening treatment.  There are far too many horror stories about beauty salons and individuals working from home who have taken a course online which they believe qualifies them to do this.  It doesn’t.  Their certificates are not legal.  So play it safe to make sure of a safe, permanent smile – contact your dentist.  

Are you ready for a whiter, brighter smile?

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