Teeth Whitening Abroad Led to Tragic Death.

The extreme risks of trying to cut costs with dental treatment abroad leads to two men in a critical condition and one man’s life taken too soon. 

Richard Molloy also known as Richie (33), a Belfast DJ, lost his life in Turkey partying after having a whitening procedure done with his two friends Declan Carson and Aaron Callaghan, who were also left in a critical condition. 

The dental drug given before the whitening procedure took place has allegedly caused the fatality and illness. The men were warned not to drink alcohol after taking the dental medication. 

The Sun reported ‘’Police are reportedly attempting to trace the dentist where the trio, who were described as “three fit and healthy young lads”, are understood to have undergone a tooth whitening procedure’’.

Dental tourism has become increasingly popular over the years, where many British people are travelling to Turkey, Africa and different parts of Europe for cheap dental treatments, sometimes three times cheaper than British prices. 

The dangers of having treatments abroad are overwhelming. First of all, the language barrier can be critical. It is essential you can understand and communicate all of the risks and how the procedure will go with the dentist before, during and after treatment. Before you have any treatment, you should know the practitioner is well qualified. It’s important to know of any histories that could be a cause for concern and the your insurance covers you for any major risks of bad treatment. 

Teeth whitening is considered safe by The British Dental Association if carried out by a professional, registered dentist. We have seen too many horror stories of burns, missing teeth, permanent gum damage and even excruciating sensitivity arising from treatment given by unqualified beauticians claiming to be qualified to give whitening treatments. 

To have a dentist abroad carry out a whitening treatment and it ends in such a tragic way is devastating, even if after all the reason for the fatality wasn’t the procedure itself. It’s alarming and hopefully should be enough for people to think twice about going abroad for dental treatments. 

Unfortunately, deaths from cheaper procedures don’t seem to be scaring some people enough, as Turkey has a booming cut-price medical and dental tourism industry – from teeth whitening to organ transplants and heart surgery.

The Sun reported that up to 700,000 people have visited the country for medical procedures and operations, according to the Istanbul International Health Tourism Association

The Association of Turkish Travel Agencies said that by 2023 it hoped to attract 2 million health tourists to the country.

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