Professional Tooth Whitening with Boutique Whitening

Never compromise on whitening your teeth. Always choose the professional option. 

Our teeth naturally discolour with years of smoking, drinking tea and coffee, and general ageing. Teeth whitening is widely promoted, with all different methods and products being advertised on social media and all over your Google search.

The best advice to take when choosing to whiten your teeth is always go to a registered professional who uses quality products and approved methods of whitening your teeth. This keeps the risks of side effects to a bare minimum. Taking this approach will mean that an assessment will take place of the condition of your teeth and your oral health generally, which will determine if Boutique Whitening is suitable for you. 

Anybody with a healthy mouth would usually qualify for Boutique Whitening, but in certain circumstances your dentist will have to avoid the procedure. Examples are:

  1. A person suffering from gum disease or other serious dental problems. Whitening can sometimes still be an option if these issues are successfully treated. 
  2. No patients under 18 unless there are very particular circumstances. The Regulations and EU directive state that teeth whitening cannot be performed on patients under 18. 
  3. White spots (known as decalcifications) on your teeth can become more noticeable, so speak to your dentist about additional treatment concerning these. 
  4. There are certain general health problems your dentist will discuss that may mean the treatment is not suitable.
  5. Allergies to hydrogen peroxide will also mean you are not suitable for teeth whitening. 
  6. Extreme sensitivity can also exclude you, but your dentist will discuss this. 
  7. People who are pregnant or breastfeeding will have to wait for their teeth whitening treatment to start. 
  8. In some cases of intrinsic staining, teeth whitening may not be suitable.

To ensure you get the best and safest results your dentist will take a mould of your mouth to order your custom made trays. There is a risk of damage to your gums from leakage if you use generic poorly fitted trays often sold on the internet. 

You shouldn’t experience any discomfort or pain when getting your teeth professionally whitened. Sometimes, people will find their teeth become more sensitive during treatment, but using toothpaste  designed for sensitive teeth will reduce and even stop it. As soon as your bleaching treatment has stopped, your teeth should recover back to normal. Biomin toothpaste is always recommended by us at Boutique Whitening. 

White teeth have been admired throughout history. Did you know that ancient Greeks used a powder made out of crushed bones to clean and whiten their smile?

Get in touch with your dentist today to ask about your teeth whitening options with Boutique Whitening.

Are you ready for a whiter, brighter smile?

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