‘Lips doubled in size!’ Abbie’s horror teeth whitening story.

Abbie, 18, was left with third-degree burns after receiving treatment by a bogus professional! With very inflamed lips covered in sores, Abbie was less than impressed.

Like many young people, Abbie was hoping to treat herself with her first round of teeth whitening treatment. Quickly scouring the internet, she remembered seeing a woman advertised who was used by a few of her Facebook friends, fairly local, so Abbie booked herself in for treatment. It didn’t strike Abbie as odd that the unnamed woman operated from her house as she just presumed it was a part-time job for the supposed professional and she sat for an hour of treatment. She didn’t question the process used, as it was her very first teeth whitening treatment.

With devastating results, Abbie saw her lips had ‘almost doubled in size’ when looking in the mirror, and she was struggling to even speak, but the woman dismissed it, telling Abbie it was normal and to even apply lipstick to hide it! Abbie was shocked by the experience, having expected that the worse outcome would be teeth which were not quite as white as she’d been hoping for.

Abbie referred to professional help and saw three different nurses, saying ‘The dental hospital was great. I have now been given the correct medication to hopefully get my teeth back to normal!’ Abbie makes sure to warn others ‘Do not just go to anyone to get your teeth whitened. I was completely unaware that only a dentist can and should perform this treatment.’

A lesson to all: it’s best to go professional when investing in teeth whitening, to avoid having an experience like Abbie’s. Read more of the Boutique Whitening blog to find out about the treatment available and the pros and cons of the teeth whitening process, so you can make an informed session with the help of our expert advice.

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