Is teeth whitening just a trend?

Beauty standards have evolved beyond a beautiful face and mannequin frame. We are now more invested in the details of our appearance.  Beauty specifics include a desire for the perfect Hollywood smile we so often see on our screens. 

Whiter and brighter teeth improve self-confidence by leaps and bounds, so the growing popularity is no surprise.  However, teeth whitening is not just a trend. In fact, the appeal for this cosmetic enhancement stretches back to ancient Egyptian times when various methods were used to whiten teeth, and our personal dental hygiene routine is surely not only to keep teeth clean but also a daily quest to try to make them whiter. 

Brides and grooms across the globe would rather have white teeth to match their white dress and shirts on their big day, ensuring the contrast is a favourable one.  In fact, whiter teeth are becoming the imperative for any photographed occasion, which when social media is taken into account, could mean simply for day to day life.

There is no doubt that the first impression with employers in interviews is lasting – and of course we don’t have a second chance to make that first impression.  There’s no suggestion that renewed confidence and a brighter smile will guarantee that new job, but they will help!

It is worth mentioning that, whilst there are over the counter whitening products, they are all bound by law to be of lesser strength than those used by dentists.  This is because the stronger (and thereby more effective) products can be dangerous if used by anyone other than a licensed, qualified professional – and that most certainly doesn’t include someone who has completed a day of online training and been given a certificate for it!  

Yes, you may pay more when you have treatment at your dental surgery, but the treatment will keep you safe and the results you are hoping for will be achieved quickly.  What is more, you will have the reassurance that whitening is a suitable treatment for you, because your dentist will undertake an examination of your mouth to be certain of it.   Get in touch with us today at The Mall to find out more about what is involved and to discover your Boutique Whitening options. 

Are you ready for a whiter, brighter smile?

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