Is teeth whitening always worth the wait?

If you are wanting to have your teeth professionally whitened but are expecting overnight results, unfortunately that is not possible – and for very good reasons. 

The formulations of approved teeth whitening gels used by dentists are strong enough to remove stains and whiten your teeth, but they do so gradually over a period of 3 to 4 weeks. This is because to remove the stains, the stronger chemicals dentists are able to use have to work over time in a monitored way to prevent any damage to your teeth.  

Whilst dentists are by law allowed to use stronger whitening products than you can buy over the counter, there are some people, both online and off, who are acting dangerously and unlawfully by providing treatment products which can cause you harm and permanent damage.  To keep yourself safe, your dentist is your trusted provider. 

The shade of white which can be achieved in the case of your teeth will depend on your existing shade and the type and density of the stains.  Your dentist will show you which shades are achievable from a course of Boutique Whitening treatment.

Keeping your teeth white all depends on your lifestyle. For instance somebody who is a heavy smoker and eats a lot of staining foods will need top up gels every 3 to 4 months. Comparing that with the average person who doesn’t smoke and keeps a balanced diet of non-staining foods, they would only need to top up every six months or even yearly. 

Professionally whitening your teeth will always be worth the results of a brand new white smile. What’s a few weeks to wait when you are achieving a smile makeover with no compromise to the health of your teeth?

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