How important is a beautiful smile?

The psychology of smiling has been studied by many philosophers over the years. Adrian Furnham Ph.D wrote the book ‘The Surprising Psychology of Smiling’. He said ‘’Smiling, it is argued, is the outward manifestation of happiness and serves to begin to connect us to each other’’. 

Charles Darwin was one of the first to study the importance of smiling and the similarity of factors that encouraged smiling across different cultures. He found that babies learn that their crying draws adult attention, but that smiling keeps an adult engaged and interacting with them.

Our first impressions of each other take as little as seven seconds. According to another independent research, a whiter smile has a substantially positive effect on people’s first impressions of each other. 

This explains why teeth whitening has been practised by different cultures for thousands of years. However, the bleaching methods with which we’re familiar today didn’t hit our markets until 1980. Since then, we have been obsessed with coming up with countless teeth whitening options for how to whiten their smile.

It seems that white teeth may actually lead to an overall higher estimation of one’s attractiveness too. We naturally associate people in pictures with straight, white smiles as confident and healthy. When looking at physical attractiveness, those who think they are above average in that department are 3x as likely to have used a tooth whitening product to those who don’t feel they are attractive.   

Sometimes people are not happy with the appearance of their teeth, this makes it hard for them to smile therefore they end up hiding it. This is not only damaging to their self esteem but it also prevents them from establishing and maintaining relationships. All of that combined can then lead to the decline of their mental health. 

It is so important to smile. After all, a smiling is a universal symbol of confidence and happiness. Your oral health has an overall impact on your emotional health, too! 

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