Has your favourite celeb had their teeth whitened?

Many celebrities endorse home teeth whitening kits across their social media, but it’s more likely they have had professional treatment prior to using these, if they have even used these at all. We think it’s important you see the success stories of professional treatment, as there are many across the Hollywood world we know you’ll just love!

Kim Kardashian

Despite advertising a range of home whitening kits on her social media, it is rumoured Kim has veneers fitted. Kim is known to be treated by the famous dentist to the the stars Dr Kevin Sands shown in Instagram posts. Dr Kevin Sands is known in the USA to be the genius behind the ‘Hollywood smile’ . Kim has been regularly called out for promoting whitening kits when clearly having professional treatment regularly.

Brad Pitt

It’s a known fact with his million dollar smile Brad Pitt had had teeth whitening treatments at the very least as it’s rumoured he’s had veneers fitted also. His is a stereotypical Hollywood smile and it has been confirmed those pearly whites are in actual fact professional dentist approved veneers, rather than a result of teeth whitening treatments.

Megan Fox

A Hollywood crush for many; Megan Fox has an outstanding smile which has captured many hearts along the way. Comparing before and after photos of Megan, you can clearly see she has had teeth whitening treatments and I’m sure you can agree it just enhances her overall beauty.

Justin Bieber

JB always had a sweet smile as the teen heartthrob he was. It’s clear since growing up in the limelight he’s invested in a few teeth whitening treatments to prescribe that charming boyish smile. It has been reported that Justin, much like Kim K, is treated by Hollywood dentist Kevin Sands , and he seems to take no shame in investing in professional treatment and never seemed to try and hide it from his fans.

The running theme here is that many celebrities use and favour professional teeth whitening treatment, with professional hands behind these award winning smiles. Despite falsely advertising teeth whitening home kits some major celebrities use a combination of treatments or go solely professional.

If you are thinking about having whiter teeth, the cost in the UK to have treatment professionally and be assured of your safety, is less than many other treatments. It’s worth asking your dentist for that reassurance.

Are you ready for a whiter, brighter smile?

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