Glow Up With Boutique Teeth Whitening.

Some of you will have seen the hashtags of #glow up and #revenge body. And for those of you who haven’t, it’s a goal of reinvention trend after the loss of a job or a relationship. The hashtag #glow up swamps social media pages daily. 

There are many ways to achieving a #glow up, such as fuelling your body with good foods and exercising daily. Investing in teeth whitening is great value for money and will guarantee the ‘new me’ feeling you desire after a major change in life. 

Boutique Whitening takes several weeks to run its course on changing the shade of your teeth. A bespoke mouth guard will be fitted for your teeth precisely for the most accurate results, as well as safety for your gums. You can carry the guard around with you in your bag or case as it comes with a chrome container. 

A few suggestions to #glow up daily

  • Drink at least two litres of water daily. It will do wonders for your teeth and body but also your brain as they work efficiently when they are hydrated. 
  • Exercising daily for at least thirty minutes will help your body and brain. 
  • Stretching and breathing every day will also help your muscles, circulation and brain. 
  • Practise at least three affirmations every morning that help ground you and keep you level headed. 
  • Eating the right foods for your body is like medicine: the better you eat the better you will feel. 

Find out how you can #glowup with Boutique Whitening by contacting your dental practice – and good luck on your journey to a new you!

Are you ready for a whiter, brighter smile?

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