Five Reasons to Say NO to Salon Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is one of the world’s top cosmetic procedures. Its magic enhances a patient’s smile and overall confidence, making it the ultimate transformation.

The market is hot for teeth whitening and has become a product offered by non professionals too, such as beauticians.

Salons are a luxury and a must visit for any beauty treatments.  A haircut, colour, fake tan and manicure provides us with an instant boost of happiness.  Beauticians want to provide every beauty enhancement possible, so you can see why offering teeth whitening has been added to salons’ lists of services.

As much as the beautician means well , teeth whitening is not something to be performed by anybody except a professional dentist.  Beauticians are qualified in beauty treatments, but it is important to understand unless they are also qualified and trained dentists, with appropriate licences, they should never offer teeth whitening. 

Here’s a few reasons why;

  • It is Illegal – The High Court deemed teeth whitening to be strictly a dental procedure and it is illegal for anybody to perform whitening treatments other than dentists and dental hygienists. 
  • No Medical Examination – Everybody needs a thorough examination on their teeth before undergoing teeth whitening, but by going to a beautician it means that no professional dental examination or medically informed decision can be made about the suitability of teeth whitening for your individual case. 
  • No insurance – Beauticians cannot be legally insured for performing teeth whitening. Therefore, if anything bad happens the insurance will not pay out and you will have to pay for your own dental treatment to treat your issues. 
  • No chemist’s knowledge – Any teeth whitening products have to be GDC approved and the dentists using them know the chemistry behind the products and the amount which is safe to use on individual cases. Beauticians lack the dental and chemistry education, making it very likely that they will not give the correct dosages and products appropriate in each case..  
  • Poorly fitted trays – Dentists use bespoke trays fitted to each individual’s teeth for safety reasons.  Salons and off the shelf trays are made to fit all, which means it is impossible for bleaching gels not to leak onto gums. Bleaching the gums causes potentially irreparable burns and damage. 

There are many examples of bad results when going to salons and beauticians for teeth whitening, including excruciating tooth pain, burning, blistering gums and deformed, swollen lips. 

The main problem is that in most cases, there is simply a lack of awareness and expertise from non dental practitioners who are offering the treatments.  Whitening companies must ensure their products are legal, but the beauticians simply have no idea of the legislation and that they are breaking the law. 

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