Can anyone have their teeth whitened?

The answer is not as simple as a yes or a no. Before attempting to whiten one’s teeth, a thorough examination from your dentist should be carried out to see if whitening will work for you.

For obvious reasons dentists will not professionally whiten the teeth of women who are breastfeeding. They will also not whiten children’s teeth. People with untreated decay/cavities should avoid teeth whitening as the bleaching solution can go through the holes in the teeth, causing extreme pain and possibly killing the nerve. 

The enamel of your teeth should be fully examined, which will reveal if you have receding gums or sensitivity. This has to be done by a professional dentist to prevent further problems with your gums and sensitivity. You may have heard that people with sensitivity can’t get their teeth whitened. This isn’t necessarily true but it’s important you are given your whitening treatment by a professional to identify any potential problems. Depending on the results your dentist will advise which whitening treatment is best suited to your needs – another reason why home whitening kits/salon whitening should be avoided at all costs. 

Boutique Whitening allows a slower, more gentle method of teeth whitening, supervised by your dentist. This gives people a chance, depending on how sensitive their teeth are, to whiten their teeth without risk of making their teeth more sensitive. 

Any dental problems, such as decay, need to be treated/restored before any bleaching. Also, since existing tooth coloured fillings, dental implants, crowns and veneers are not real teeth, they won’t respond to the bleaching process, therefore they will be a different colour from the rest of your teeth once the whitening process is complete. This is something you need to consider seriously if you have any of these at the front of your mouth, unless you are planning on replacing the teeth afterwards. 

People who have had extensive periodontal problems with significant root exposure will find that bleaching their teeth can be extremely painful, so again your dentist will examine your teeth and advise you on the safest options of tooth whitening for you. 

It is illegal for anybody who isn’t a qualified dentist to carry out tooth whitening and this law is for good reason. Unfortunately there are lots of ‘beauticians’ and non-regulated home kits on the market these days, often causing permanent damage to teeth, gums and throat health. With all these reasons for safety checks listed, you can see how important it is to always whiten your teeth through a professional. 

Almost everybody can have their teeth whitened by a professional dentist. The results will last a long time as long as you take good care and limit your intake of food/drink staining ingredients.  

Get in touch with your dentist today to see how Boutique Whitening can work for you, giving you that perfect white smile you seek.

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