Avoid cheap alternatives and invest in professional teeth whitening

I know home teeth whitening kits often promise quick results for little cost, but you should be aware of the risks when using and choosing these cheap alternatives.

The harsh chemicals used in some of these products, often bought online, can cause painful chemical burns inside your mouth when bleaching the teeth, when ill-fitting trays allow leakage onto the soft tissues of your mouth. Others, typically those bought over the counter, do not contain bleach anywhere near strong enough to do the job.

When you attempt diy teeth whitening, there is no immediate support available should you have any questions or issues, so you could be taking a greater risk than is necessary. If anything goes wrong, your dentist will of course help, but permanent damage could already be done.

Celebrities often endorse these home teeth whitening products, despite receiving professional treatment, which speaks for itself and in my opinion is false advertising. These low-cost home kits may save you money in the short term but likely lead to possible dental repairs in the future! Remember that it could be there is a reason that you shouldn’t have teeth whitening treatment without prior consultation with your dentist. This is because not everyone’s teeth are suited to the treatment. You may need to undergo other procedures before whitening can be achieved. It is well worth seeing your dentist to explain what you are hoping to achieve and that you are considering doing this for yourself. You may feel very differently after listening to expert advice.

Sometimes, the quick fix at a cheaper price doesn’t give you the results you have dreamed about.

So despite the higher cost, you are making an investment into legitimate dentist-approved whitening, which can last a lot longer than most over the counter alternatives, with a decreased risk of dental damage and infection.

I hope I’ve helped you consider the downfalls and risks of falsely endorsed teeth whitening alternatives and that you realise the advantage of investing in professional treatment, protecting your dental health and saving money in the long run.

Are you ready for a whiter, brighter smile?

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