Aspects of teeth whitening to be aware of


Your teeth whitening treatment won’t last as long if you smoke or if you eat or drink products which stain your teeth.  It is important to avoid such things during the course of receiving the treatment.  After that, provided you maintain a good cleaning regime and regular visits to your dentist, you should be able to enjoy your regular diet.  


Use fluoridated toothpaste, because whitening toothpastes contain abrasives.  If you wear away the surface of your teeth, the surface cannot re-grow.  Abrasive toothpastes can remove stains, of course, so you could use these only for special occasions, not as a routine.  

Sensitive Teeth

Whitening might increase sensitivity whilst you are undergoing the treatment, and may even create some sensitivity where there was none before.  However, this will disappear after a short time.  Your dentist will have examined your teeth to be sure there will be no damage from whitening treatment.  

Using a Blue Light

The light dehydrates your teeth.  If your mouth was free frm saliva for a short time, the same effect would be achieved and your teeth would appear whiter.  However, this isn’t a long term solution.  Indeed, it is very short term.  

Home Remedies

Coconut oil pulling may or may not help to remove bacteria, but it does not help towards whitening your teeth any more than rinsing your mouth with water does.

Bicarbonate of soda or charcoal are abrasives, so will remove some stains from your teeth, but may also remove some of the tooth surface and this will not grow back.


Teeth whitening can last for years with some topping up, and may never return to your original shade.  Once you have your custom-made mouth trays, to top up you would simply wear them again for a night or two, obviously with your dentist’s advice.  

Looking Ahead

Whatever your doubts or questions, your dental practice is the only reliable source of information, because they have a full history of your mouth, they have the expertise to examine your mouth and teeth to determine suitability for whitening, and they are licensed by law to offer effective whitening treatment.

Contact your dental team to help you make the right decision for your teeth.

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