Are there risks to professional teeth whitening?

Professional whitening of teeth is a very safe procedure, provided it is under the supervision of trained dentists. However, there are potential side effects, so it is important to be informed of these issues. 

Up to 70% of people who are having their teeth whitened will experience some form of sensitivity, from some slight discomfort to some temporary sensitivity. The main side-effect of teeth whitening is sensitivity.  A little irritation of the gums and lips can also occur. Both sensitivity and irritation are temporary and will resolve after stopping or completing your course of treatment. 

Another potential side effect of whitening teeth is called gingival irritation. This occurs when the whitening gel has leaked onto the gingival tissue and is left for a long period of time. Dentists can help patients prevent this happening by showing them to how to fill the dosing dots in their bespoke trays.  Following instructions for removing excess gel with a clean tissue or a soft toothbrush will be enough to prevent gingival irritation.  

Bespoke trays made to fit every patient’s individual teeth are made in a dental laboratory to limit problems occurring. The quality and perfect fit of bespoke trays will ensure there is no excess gel on parts of the teeth and gums.  Trays tailor-made to suit you and to keep you safe are not available on line or over the counter, because a unique impression of your teeth is necessary to ensure snug-fitting trays – and these will only be available to you via your dentist.

People can be very disappointed with the shade of white they end up with after treatment. This is why dentists have to check patients teeth and history of health to predict realistic results and don’t over promise their patients. Dentists will often explain that sometimes a patient may need a few courses of teeth whitening before it works for them.  In these cases, it’s important to be patient and to lower your expectations of a speedy result. 

If teeth do not whiten from the hydrogen peroxide in the first course, with extended treatment time the results are extremely unlikely to fail.  Hydrogen peroxide will whiten the teeth in almost all cases. If the teeth do not whiten, the answer is to extend the treatment time, not to try to increased the strength of the product used.Note that if you grind your teeth at night, your option is day time whitening.  Boutique Whitening offers both day and night treatments.

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