A White Smile and Love

The confidence in smiling is the connection between a white smile and finding love. Research has shown that people react better to a genuine smiling person. 

Discoloured teeth are prevalent among adults, but this causes extreme low self-esteem and actually prevents people from smiling.  

Whitening teeth has become the most popular cosmetic craze to transform your smile and your self-confidence. Research shows that 86% of adults would prefer to have whiter teeth. What makes this most interesting is the fact that our teeth are actually not naturally white. In fact, adult teeth are actually pale grey or yellow and they darken over time as enamel thins. 

The drive for whiter teeth is probably fuelled by the bright white smiles celebrities flaunt on our social media platforms and television. The whiteness gives the impression of cleanliness and health, while yellow or grey teeth give the impression of possible decay or poor oral hygiene habits.

Boutique Whitening is a top-quality professional whitening product that significantly reduces dental discoloration. After your course of Boutique whitening, you will not only look great, but you will also feel great. This boost of confidence can dramatically increase your chances of finding love. 

It only takes 7 seconds to make a first impression. A whiter smile has a substantially positive effect on people’s first impressions when meeting you. Charles Darwin was actually the first to record noticing the importance of smiling and the similarity factors that encouraged smiling across the world. He found that smiling keeps an adult engaged when you are interacting with them. 

Smiling is a key component of almost every personal interaction we have on a daily basis. It helps people bond together as it creates trust.  A whiter smile gives the appearance of youth and health. Not having to hide your teeth when you smile or laugh out of conscious fear of showing your discoloured teeth gives a person heaps of confidence when going out in public. As the white smiles gives people a new lease of life it leads to a happier and productive lifestyle and starves off depression and anxiety. 

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