8 Facts About Teeth Whitening


  1. Teeth = Sponges 

Did you know how much our teeth are like sponges? Our teeth have pores, so every colourful thing you eat and drink is absorbed into the pores of your teeth. Age and over consumption of high pigmented foods and drinks stains your teeth/sponge and this results in discoloration.

  1. Teeth Whitening = No Damage

A misconception of having your teeth whitened is that it damages your teeth. This has come from the countless illegal whitening procedures given by beauticians and DIY available to the public, ending in devastating results. The truth is professional dental whitening through your dentist will not damage your teeth as dentists only use dental approved whitening treatments (such as Boutique Whitening) with a safe amount of peroxide to brighten your teeth. The gels they use temporarily open your pores in your teeth to gently lift the stains. After your whitening treatment is finished, your teeth will reminerallize and rehydrate. 

  1. Teeth Whitening = Cannot whiten every tooth

Did you know that teeth colour can also depend on individual genetics? Your actual teeth colour is given from birth. Teeth whitening will remove any stains accumulated over time; it won’t change the natural colour underneath those stains. 

  1. Teeth Whitening = Sensitivity is normal 

Did you know that more than half the adult population suffer with tooth sensitivity? Tooth sensitivity can be passed down through genetics, but it’s usually common from broken/cracked teeth and the thinning of enamel. Tooth whitening opens up the pores and dehydrates the teeth, which can cause temporary teeth sensitivity owing to not being able to guard the nerves from different temperatures. But as long as you are hydrating, using a toothpaste that specializes in tooth sensitivity such as BioMin, your teeth will be fine. 

  1. Teeth whitening = Only works on natural teeth 

Teeth whitening cannot work on veneers, bridges, fillings and dental implants. These are all made up from artificial materials to match the teeth around them. Teeth whitening does not damage any of them, but it also cannot change their colour.  

  1. Teeth Whitening = Night time powers

Boutique Whitening treatment has a few options for Night and Day to suit your needs. But did you know the ideal time to whiten your teeth is during the night?  Whitening treatments open your pores, which leads to a higher risk of staining during the day while you are eating. So doing your treatment at night is giving fewer opportunities for further staining. You will boost the remineralizing and rehydrating process in the night as well.

  1. Teeth Whitening = The best results take a few weeks

Your final colour after teeth whitening actually develops weeks after the treatment. This is because the teeth have a chance to rehydrate properly, revealing the actual colour up to two weeks later. 

  1. Teeth Whitening = Doesn’t happen overnight

Did you know it takes at least 4 days to begin removing tough stains from your teeth? The patient needs to understand the stains are years in the making. Chemically, it is impossible to remove stains overnight or in 24 hours safely. To make sure no damage occurs, whitening treatments have to be carried out gradually to penetrate deep into the stains. 

Once your teeth have been whitened, the whiteness is easy to maintain with the appropriate diet and oral health care. Speak to your dentist today about Boutique Whitening options for you. 

Are you ready for a whiter, brighter smile?

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