Tray Design is Key

Tray design is equally as important as the gel, because it must fit securely around the patient’s teeth to avoid escape of any gel or dilution of the gel. 

If there is not a snug fit, the tray can irritate the gums, causing discomfort.  It is therefore essential that the tray is made professionally, which is always the case with Boutique Whitening treatments.

The trays are made bespoke to accommodate each patient’s individual requirements.

The importance of the impression

The impression taken guides the effectiveness of the whitening tray.  Impressions should ideally be taken in a rigid impression tray, preventing distortion which might lead to a poor fit of the whitening tray.  

Reservoirs are an optional choice for the dentist, and the tray must be correctly scalloped and the margins trimmed and smoothed.  The purpose for this is that the sealing at the gingival margins is achieved.

A finished tray thickness of 1mm is laboratory advised, to allow enough flexibility for the patient to remove and insert the tray.  Optimum results are achieved in this way, something which is not certain if using home whitening products.

The digital way

Most laboratories now offer impressions via 3D imaging, which ensures greater accuracy when the trays are designed.  Dentists will find obvious advantages from using this technology, giving both them and their patients an improved experience.  A 3D dental image is reusable and offers speed, accuracy, consistency and reliability.

Boutique Whitening products are guided by the expertise of our dental professionals and laboratories using leading technology.

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