Looking at some of the numbers for tooth whitening

Behind the growth in popularity of teeth whitening is a popular belief that it is the least troublesome and invasive way to improve a smile. 

Inevitably a variety of surveys has been carried out in recent years, with results indicating that more than 20% of prospective and new, younger patients are not happy with the colour of their teeth.  They also believe that whiter teeth increase their chances of success, make them more likely to get a job and enhance their appearance generally, as well as making them look younger.  Older patients also have some concerns about the brightness of their smiles.

Whilst the demand for professional whitening increased steadily to 2015, there was a sharper increase from then onwards, with demand in some practices rising by 25% in one year.

A survey carried out in Ireland showed that 90% of women and 52% of men were envious of whiter smiles.

In the UK, it was determined that 30% of the population use whitening toothpaste every day.  

In the USA, 88.8% of orthodontists had been asked for tooth whitening by patients, whereas 24.8% of orthodontists had recommended whitening procedures..

Professionals are of course aware that in the UK, home treatment kits are very much less effective than those used professionally, and that whitening treatments by unregulated, unlicensed and amateur individuals are illegal.   

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