Improving Your Message About Tooth Whitening

Here are some useful suggestions which you might like to take on board to increase the number of your tooth whitening patients.  You don’t need any sales experience to use any of these suggestions. 


If you use email or text messages to contact patients, then you can include a brief reference to teeth whitening products and any offers with your appointment confirmations and reminders. 


Make sure your staff are confident in their knowledge of the whitening products and process.  Allocate time for training, including the benefits, suitability, outcomes and guidance for use at home. Practise role play (patient with staff) during the training and offer staff a reward for taking this on board.  


Give out samples, or offer discounts alongside other treatments.  Make these time limited to boost interest.  Promote these at your practice as well as on social media and your website.  If you time the offers appropriately, such as during school hours, this might encourage interest from busy parents.

The right time

Any patient about to undergo restorative work could be told that their restorations cannot be lightened, so whitening might be better timed prior to any other treatments.

If a patient in nearing the end of their clear aligner treatment, the timing is right for the whiter option.  

Has the patient mentioned a forthcoming special occasion?  Is it one where their confidence would be boosted with a whiter smile?

Use a questionnaire

This is something for patients to do whilst waiting to see their dentist.  If they are asked to tick boxes according to treatments they have thought about, it is so easy to add whitening to the list. 

Use supplier information

Marketing materials should be easy to come by – displays, posters, leaflets and images/videos for your website, for example. 

You don’t have to have a flair for marketing or sales to implement any of the above – and they are low cost or cost effective, meaning that you can try these suggestions with confidence.

Are you ready for a whiter, brighter smile?

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