Make Sure Your Teeth Whitening is Legal

Many people do not realise it is illegal for anyone unregistered as a dentist or hygienist to administer any kind of teeth whitening treatment. However, ignorance of the law will not give anyone an excuse to proceed with this treatment being offered at beauty salons, kiosks and by people working from their own homes. Why […]

Teeth Whitening – 8 Facts to Help You Decide

Before proceeding with having your teeth whitened, here are some facts to help you make the best decision: Teeth whitening cannot whiten every tooth. Did you know that teeth colour can also depend on individual genetics? Your actual teeth colour is given from birth. Teeth whitening will remove any stains accumulated over time; it won’t […]

The Patients, The Dental Professional and Teeth Whitening

Patients looking for teeth whitening are hoping to avoid a high cost. They don’t want any delay to treatment and they expect quick results without any mess. A clinician, however, is striving for the best long-term result with a reasonable margin of profit. The treatment provides clinicians with minimum patient time in the dental chair, […]

Teeth Whitening – The impact of toothpaste and gels on enamel, dentine and pulp

Boutique Biomin Toothpaste Boutique Biomin Toothpaste should be used 2 weeks prior to whitening, and throughout the whitening process. It can be used after the whitening is completed to help maintain white teeth and reduce the symptoms of sensitivity. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Full examination. Brush with Boutique Biomin Toothpaste for 2 […]

Teeth Whitening – Communicating Effectively

You did your homework, you chose your teeth whitening product and you have been offering the treatment for some time now, but do you feel you’re making an impact with your existing patients? And are you ready to impress the new ones? It is all about teamwork. Every member of your staff can help if […]

Teeth whitening – still increasingly popular

Worth billions across the globe, the tooth whitening industry continues to grow in popularity. Highlighting this, tooth whitening comes second only to make-up as the most frequent beauty treatment. Despite the popularity, it is still important to consider patient safety when whitening teeth. Why is tooth whitening so popular?  Having a great smile with bright […]

Market opportunities in teeth whitening

With ever-reaching and some might say intrusive social media, each one of us can without warning have our photo shared with the world, so we are becoming much more aware of how we appear to others than we have ever been. A confident smile is a big part of that awareness, and inescapably linked to […]

Reduce the Risk of Stained Teeth

Three foods and drinks that can cause tooth staining, and how to still include them in your diet with potentially less risk of stains. Have you heard that berries, coffees and teas, and tomato products can cause tooth staining over time? You might be curious how you can eat or drink these foods without as […]

‘Lips doubled in size!’ Abbie’s horror teeth whitening story.

Abbie, 18, was left with third-degree burns after receiving treatment by a bogus professional! With very inflamed lips covered in sores, Abbie was less than impressed. Like many young people, Abbie was hoping to treat herself with her first round of teeth whitening treatment. Quickly scouring the internet, she remembered seeing a woman advertised who […]

True or False- your Teeth whitening questions answered

At a time when teeth whitening is more popular than ever, it’s useful to know the facts. Teeth whitening is in fashion Always. Most people would choose crisp white teeth as opposed to stained ones. Having bright white teeth isn’t a new concept, and appearing confident with a Hollywood smile will always be appealing. The […]

Busting the myths about teeth whitening

There is a lot of information out there regarding teeth whitening and we’re here to set the record straight. We think it’s important we can break down common misconceptions surrounding the procedure, its durability and alternatives. Crowns and veneers can be whitened alongside your natural teeth. This is incorrect; a myth! Whitening gels are designed […]

Has your favourite celeb had their teeth whitened?

Many celebrities endorse home teeth whitening kits across their social media, but it’s more likely they have had professional treatment prior to using these, if they have even used these at all. We think it’s important you see the success stories of professional treatment, as there are many across the Hollywood world we know you’ll […]

Avoid cheap alternatives and invest in professional teeth whitening

I know home teeth whitening kits often promise quick results for little cost, but you should be aware of the risks when using and choosing these cheap alternatives. The harsh chemicals used in some of these products, often bought online, can cause painful chemical burns inside your mouth when bleaching the teeth, when ill-fitting trays […]

Millennials invest more in smiles

According to the Oral Health Foundation, millennials spend three times more on dental treatment than any other generation, amounting to around £750 annually. Over half of under 35s have had cosmetic treatment, whereas this reduces to just 10% of those in older groups. The most popular of these treatments is teeth whitening. Of those millennials […]

Teeth Whitening – debunking the myths

Just when a dentist thinks they’ve heard it all and seen it all, along comes more shock horror! It reads well on Instagram, doesn’t it? “The easy way to whiten your teeth today!” This is the kind of ‘influence’ which can turn out to be the stuff of nightmares. So – let’s put the record […]

Don’t take risks with teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the UK, brought about by a combination of TV reality shows and the new culture of celebrity; and images on social media. But how safe is it and is anyone allowed to provide the treatment? The short answer is that it is very safe […]

Professional Tooth Whitening with Boutique Whitening

Never compromise on whitening your teeth. Always choose the professional option.  Our teeth naturally discolour with years of smoking, drinking tea and coffee, and general ageing. Teeth whitening is widely promoted, with all different methods and products being advertised on social media and all over your Google search. The best advice to take when choosing […]

Teeth Whitening Abroad Led to Tragic Death.

The extreme risks of trying to cut costs with dental treatment abroad leads to two men in a critical condition and one man’s life taken too soon.  Richard Molloy also known as Richie (33), a Belfast DJ, lost his life in Turkey partying after having a whitening procedure done with his two friends Declan Carson […]

Are there risks to professional teeth whitening?

Professional whitening of teeth is a very safe procedure, provided it is under the supervision of trained dentists. However, there are potential side effects, so it is important to be informed of these issues.  Up to 70% of people who are having their teeth whitened will experience some form of sensitivity, from some slight discomfort […]

Get the dazzling smile you have always dreamed of.

If a dazzling white smile is something you have always dreamed of, make it happen with Boutique Whitening.  A good clean and scrape from your dental hygienist will suffice to remove superficial stains, and professionally whitening your teeth will give you the whitest results.  All you have to do is book an appointment with your […]

Is teeth whitening always worth the wait?

If you are wanting to have your teeth professionally whitened but are expecting overnight results, unfortunately that is not possible – and for very good reasons.  The formulations of approved teeth whitening gels used by dentists are strong enough to remove stains and whiten your teeth, but they do so gradually over a period of […]

Teeth Whitening – The Need to be Wary

In August this year, Olivia Howes, writing for Which, advised those looking for whiter teeth to be aware of the dangers of home tooth whitening kits. Home tooth whitening is very popular, but the active ingredient for those sold online or over the counter is tiny by comparison with that which only dental practitioners can […]

Be Prepared to Question Teeth Whitening Advice Given on The Internet

YouTube is apparently the 2nd most popular source of teeth whitening information, according to  Springer Nature.   The countless horror stories in the news from illegal tooth whitening procedures being carried out by non professionals such as beauticians are often the culprits. But unfortunately the many ways of DIY methods and kits so easily bought online […]

Glow Up With Boutique Teeth Whitening.

Some of you will have seen the hashtags of #glow up and #revenge body. And for those of you who haven’t, it’s a goal of reinvention trend after the loss of a job or a relationship. The hashtag #glow up swamps social media pages daily.  There are many ways to achieving a #glow up, such […]

Can children have their teeth whitened?

Children can have access to teeth whitening in the UK, but in very restricted cases.  Whilst children and their teeth are still developing, the advice given by the General Dental Council (GDC)  is not to try for teeth whitening until at least the age of 18 years. The update was carried out in 2017 after […]

Be smile ready for the festive season

Discoloured teeth can look scary and this ages us dramatically.  This year in particular, we all deserve to smile, especially so during the festive season.  If you’ve had any thoughts about wanting whiter teeth, now may be the perfect time.  Discoloured teeth may well be as a result of a diet of coloured foods and […]

What’s the real story with teeth whitening?

For some years now, there has been a focus beyond an attractive face, so that detail – each component which constitutes the ‘ideal’ look – has become the imperative for so many. Lip fillers, eyebrow weaving, nose ‘jobs’ – and a whiter, brighter, more confident smile have all taken centre stage.  Teeth whitening has increased […]

Aspects of teeth whitening to be aware of

Smoking/Drinking Your teeth whitening treatment won’t last as long if you smoke or if you eat or drink products which stain your teeth.  It is important to avoid such things during the course of receiving the treatment.  After that, provided you maintain a good cleaning regime and regular visits to your dentist, you should be […]

Your dentist – the best choice for teeth whitening

It’s so tempting to see the confident smiles revealing white teeth – and to go for a quick fix over the counter or online option.  But how do you know your teeth are ready for the treatment?  As with so many things worth having, the groundwork has to be done so that you know the […]

Is teeth whitening just a trend?

Beauty standards have evolved beyond a beautiful face and mannequin frame. We are now more invested in the details of our appearance.  Beauty specifics include a desire for the perfect Hollywood smile we so often see on our screens.  Whiter and brighter teeth improve self-confidence by leaps and bounds, so the growing popularity is no […]

One option for whitening teeth?

As demand increases, dentists are looking for teeth whitening products which are efficient, cost-effective and provide lasting results.  Boutique Whitening is proving to meet the requirements of dentists throughout the UK and beyond.  Peroxide whitening Peroxide whitening involves bleaching the teeth by isolating all soft tissues and applying a chemically activated gel to the surface […]

The increasing popularity of teeth whitening

Today’s technology has raised our awareness of self. Knowing that we are but a click away from having our faces shared with the world is increasing the demand for cosmetic dentistry from patients looking for straighter teeth, whiter smiles. According to Grand View Research in 2016, by 2024, the worldwide cosmetic dentistry market is expected […]

Adult Singles and Illegal Tooth Whitening in The UK

In 2017, a nationwide poll revealed that single adults were in part responsible for the popularity of illegal tooth whitening.  They were putting themselves at risk by having whitening treatment carried out by untrained, unregistered providers in the UK.  The poll results showed that twice as many single people have had their teeth whitened than […]

Safe Tooth Whitening – The Legal Perspective

The Media Reality shows have helped to increase the demand for teeth whitening and make it one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments in the UK.  Of course, the impact of social media has increased awareness of how we look to other, given that we can share images of ourselves with the rest of […]

Improving Your Message About Tooth Whitening

Here are some useful suggestions which you might like to take on board to increase the number of your tooth whitening patients.  You don’t need any sales experience to use any of these suggestions.  Communicate If you use email or text messages to contact patients, then you can include a brief reference to teeth whitening […]

Make sure you understand and operate within the law

The EU law relating to tooth whitening changed on 31 October 2012, effectively increasing the percentage of Hydrogen Peroxide contained or released in tooth whitening or bleaching products to 6%.  Patients must be 18 years of age or more. The change follows as an amendment to the EU Directive 76/768/EEC concerning cosmetic products. The amending […]

Tooth Whitening – A Proven Approach to Desensitising

As patients become ever more conscious of improving their smile, tooth whitening has become an increasingly popular cosmetic dental procedure.  By law, it can only be performed by qualified dental professionals, and concentrations of bleaching agents have been significantly reduced in recent years. It’s a very safe procedure, but figures from the British Dental Bleaching […]

Looking at some of the numbers for tooth whitening

Behind the growth in popularity of teeth whitening is a popular belief that it is the least troublesome and invasive way to improve a smile.  Inevitably a variety of surveys has been carried out in recent years, with results indicating that more than 20% of prospective and new, younger patients are not happy with the […]

Would you let your child use bleach to whiten their teeth?

Parents should be aware of a dangerous fad, because their children may be tempted to use hydrogen peroxide (commonly used to lighten hair and as a component of fertiliser) in their quest for white teeth. This is because a teenager posted a video on TikTok to show how she does it – but dentists have […]

Tray Design is Key

Tray design is equally as important as the gel, because it must fit securely around the patient’s teeth to avoid escape of any gel or dilution of the gel.  If there is not a snug fit, the tray can irritate the gums, causing discomfort.  It is therefore essential that the tray is made professionally, which […]

Is teeth whitening really a good idea for me?

I think we can all understand the appeal of having whiter teeth, but also that we can get a bit carried away by the glamour of it all.  There’s no doubt that the freedom of a wide smile is a confidence builder when you need it, but it’s important to understand whether it really is […]

Teeth whitening for confidence

How readily do you smile without any inhibition?  Do you hold back a little?  Many people dream of the freedom of a completely confident smile to offer to the world.        Nowadays, your dentist can help you achieve this freedom.   Firstly, your dentist will examine your mouth and teeth to make sure there are no reasons […]

Scandal of courses in teeth-whitening that ‘puts patients at risk’

In February 2020, Ben Morgan of the Evening Standard reported on increasing cases of illegal teeth whitening which is leaving patients at risk of damage to their gums or even losing teeth.  Ben reports:  “Some 732 cases of illegal teeth-­whitening were reported to the General Dental Council regulator last year, an increase of 26 per […]

Your Dentist – Your Assurance of a Safer Smile

The safest way to ensure a whiter smile is to have treatment from your dentist.  It may mean a higher cost, but the cost to you if you take risks with whitening treatment could be painful and permanent. How does it work? All teeth whitening products use a bleaching agent.  This removes stains to improve […]

Teeth whitening can be illegal

It’s a fact not yet well known enough that only registered dentists and hygienists can provide teeth whitening treatment. However, ignorance of the law will not give anyone an excuse to proceed with this treatment being offered at beauty salons, kiosks and by people working from their own homes. Why has this been made law?  […]

Have you been thinking about a whiter smile?

Teeth whitening If you are dreaming of a whiter smile, your dentist can make it a reality. Teeth whitening is a simple solution that can immediately improve the colour of your teeth and boost your self-confidence.   A reason to go for whiter teeth Despite what media images might tell us, in fact very few people […]

A White Smile and Love

The confidence in smiling is the connection between a white smile and finding love. Research has shown that people react better to a genuine smiling person.  Discoloured teeth are prevalent among adults, but this causes extreme low self-esteem and actually prevents people from smiling.   Whitening teeth has become the most popular cosmetic craze to transform […]

New teeth whitening trend causing alarm amongst dentists

The Metro’s Lizzie Thomson has shared news that people are rubbing bleach directly onto their teeth in an attempt to whiten them. Here’s a summary of what Lizzie reported: One of the most recent TikTok beauty trends sees teens rubbing bleach straight on their teeth with a cotton bud, in an attempt to make them […]

The Benefits of a Luxury Teeth Whitening Treatment

Superior, safe and long lasting results are some of the benefits of choosing a luxury whitening treatment like Boutique Whitening. If you value your health, choosing to whiten your teeth through your dentist is the only option you should ever consider. You are guaranteed the best results, with scientific knowledge behind everything you are using, […]

7 Snacks for White Teeth

What snacks can I have to keep my teeth white? We often rely on snacking to carry us through our days. We all get the urge to graze but often find ourselves lost in packets of biscuits and boxes of chocolate. Chocolate, coffee, sweets – they all have high potential for staining our teeth, which […]

Five Reasons to Say NO to Salon Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is one of the world’s top cosmetic procedures. Its magic enhances a patient’s smile and overall confidence, making it the ultimate transformation. The market is hot for teeth whitening and has become a product offered by non professionals too, such as beauticians. Salons are a luxury and a must visit for any beauty […]

Woman loses four front teeth after botched whitening job

Bella Battle reporeds in The Sun about a woman who lost teeth as a result of whitening treatment from a beautician. The woman paid for a course of teeth whitening treatment, with no idea that it was illegal or that the beautician didn’t know what she was doing. The peroxide the beautician used caused weakness […]

Unlicensed Teeth Whitening Results in 3rd Degree Burns

Ellie House of the Daily Record reports on the dire results experienced by one woman after receiving teeth whitening treatment in a woman’s home. A young woman from Renfrewshire was left with third degree burns on her lips after having her teeth whitened. Devastated Abbie Kilbride, 18, from Renfrew, has been left looking “like Kylie […]

Rogue beauticians are selling dangerous tooth whitening products

The Daily Record covered the story about the Local Government Association calling for action from the UK Government against unlicensed treatments using illegal whitening products. The treatments being offered at beauty salons contain 300 times the legal limit of hydrogen peroxide, which is much stronger than dental professionals themselves use. Local councils insist that tougher […]

The dangers of DIY teeth whitening

Bridget March in Harper’s Bazaar described what to be aware of before whitening your teeth at home. What follows is the gist of what she had to report: Many of us help to discolour our teeth by eating and drinking substances which stain the teeth. It can be tempting to go for a quick-fix whitening […]

What beverages are safe for our teeth?

The things we eat, smoke and drink all have an impact on our teeth. Drinks can stain our teeth and over time the acidity found in most of our favourite drinks softens our enamel and makes our teeth vulnerable to cavities and sensitivity.  Pop  Pop is terrible for our teeth and waistline! It contains high […]

Safe Teeth Whitening Checklist

Teeth whitening is widely available around the world, with over the counter products sold at our nearest convenience stores and beauticians offering the treatment from their salons.  However,  it is in fact illegal for anybody but a dentist to perform teeth whitening. Store bought or non regulated products purchased over the internet can also be […]

Why you should choose a private dentist.

We are often uncertain about how the English dental system works. Do we choose a private or NHS dentist? Which is the best option for cost? Where can we get the best care? These are common questions we ask ourselves when it comes to choosing the right dentist for us.  Dental decay is increasing fast […]

You Can Look Forward to 5 Benefits of Teeth Whitening

It is always advised that you speak to your dentist about tooth whitening, rather than purchasing off the shelf whitening products to use at home.  Dentists can advise what products are best for you and the level of discoloration you have and what you can safely achieve.  They have access to professional whitening options and […]