Have Confidence in Teeth Whitening

All those sparkling white teeth we see on our screens and in our mags are almost certain to be the result of professional teeth whitening.

In the UK, only a regulated dental professional can carry out teeth whitening.  No-one else has the training or the knowledge required to keep you safe, and could even damage your teeth and gums, then not have the skill to help you, which could result in permanent damage.

Professional teeth whitening is safe and only provided when your dentist is sure that your mouth is healthy enough to have the treatment.  Your dentist will then recommend the whitening product considered to be the best one for you.

Unlike crowns and veneers, there is no need to remove any of the tooth surface or structure in order to have whitening.  

A controlled concentration of whitening is applied to your teeth using trays that have been specially made for you.  This is very important, because having custom-made trays means a perfect fit for your teeth, so there are no leaks of the product into your mouth.

Your dentist will show you a shade range and help you decide on the best shade for your teeth.  You’ll be told how many treatments or for how long you will need to have the treatment to achieve your preferred shade.

It’s common for some patients to experience some sensitivity for a short time, and this will soon fade.  You may be advised to use toothpaste for sensitive teeth leading up to and during the treatment.

So – do contact your dental practice for a safe path to the smile you are hoping for.

Are you ready for a whiter, brighter smile?