Is your teeth whitening being done legally?

In the UK, all dental professionals must be registered with the General Dental Council (GDC). With regards to teeth whitening treatments, these can only be carried out by a registered dentist, or by a registered dental hygienist, dental therapist, or clinical dental technician, provided that the treatment has been prescribed by the dentist.

It is illegal for anyone who does not fall in these categories to offer teeth whitening treatments. This is because only registered dentists have the training required to be able to assess whether teeth whitening is suitable for you, as well as the ability to intervene in the event of any negative side effects.

If you are unsure about whether or not your teeth whitening procedure is being carried out legally, you can search the GDC’s register to check if the individual who is providing the treatment is a registered dental professional. If their name does not appear in your search, they are not registered, and are therefore unable to legally provide teeth whitening treatments. If you suspect that the treatment is being provided illegally, you should report this to the GDC. 

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