Here’s the latest fad for teeth whitening

This month Bridie Pearson-Jones reported in the Daily Mail Online about a young woman who claims her dentist has praised her teeth after she whitened them with purple shampoo. 

The young woman apparently does this in the evenings before bed, and wakes up to them glistening. This habit was prompted by advertising she’d seen for purple toothpaste.  The woman applies a very small amount of the shampoo to her toothbrush.  She admits it doesn’t taste good.

It transpires that she has composite veneers on top of her natural teeth.

Now, a dentist has warned that this can damage health if the product is at all abrasive, and shampoo can of course be dangerous if swallowed.   It’s vital to practise evidence-based, tried and tested dentistry, which this clearly isn’t.

For cleaning veneers, there are scientifically tested, safe products available.  If the wrong products are used on tooth restorations, this may void any guarantee provided with the treatment.

So before you start trying out any fads, please contact your dentist for advice. It will cost nothing and could save you from having problems with pain and damage to your mouth.

Are you ready for a whiter, brighter smile?