Teeth Whitening – Communicating Effectively

You did your homework, you chose your teeth whitening product and you have been offering the treatment for some time now, but do you feel you’re making an impact with your existing patients? And are you ready to impress the new ones?

It is all about teamwork.

Every member of your staff can help if you make sure they are familiar with the treatment and confident to talk about it to patients. Staff themselves could undergo the treatment, then present as walking adverts for teeth whitening.

Posters, leaflets, brochures, even a mention on the back of appointment cards, will raise awareness and hopefully curiosity. As a team, no matter who is asked the question by a patient about whitening, the team member should be able to respond.

The hygienist in particular can follow the dentists’ prescriptions, leaving dentists with more time to deliver more complex procedures. Whilst dentists predominantly generate the initial conversation about whitening, the hygienists are becoming more likely to be the ones who will carry it out.

Some practices offer teeth whitening as a form of reward for completing other procedures, or a generous discount when they do.

With patients’ agreement, there could be a gallery of before and after for those who are interested in seeing the possibilities.

Your practice website and social media could also include the gallery, again with each patient’s permission.

If the kit you use has attractive packaging, like Boutique Whitening, it is well worth having a few of these set out in the waiting room and at reception. The packaging alone might generate queries from visitors and patients.

Finally, when a patient is set to have restoration work, the question about whether they are happy with their existing teeth shade could be asked prior to the restoration treatment. The whitening could then be carried out beforehand, then the shade of the restoration matched to the whitened teeth.

Marketing is meant to be dynamic; meant to grab people’s attention, then remind them periodically, especially when there is something new about your treatment offer. If you and your team have confidence in the product, the patient will have confidence in it, too – and the results will speak for themselves.

Are your patients ready for a whiter, brighter smile?