The increasing popularity of teeth whitening

Today’s technology has raised our awareness of self. Knowing that we are but a click away from having our faces shared with the world is increasing the demand for cosmetic dentistry from patients looking for straighter teeth and whiter smiles.

According to Grand View Research in 2016, by 2024, the worldwide cosmetic dentistry market is expected to reach £22.5 billion.  Tooth whitening is a significant factor in this prediction of growth.

As more people make their smile a priority, so treatments are advancing and becoming accessible within patients’ budgets.  It doesn’t take long for the advantages of teeth whitening to reach ever more people who can see for themselves how whitening has improved a friend’s, colleague’s or family member’s self confidence, enhanced their youthfulness and made a positive impact on their employers.  

The Boutique Whitening treatment itself is, for the patient, convenient, is not high cost, and is essentially a quick fix.  It’s not messy, painful or stressful.

For the clinician,  Boutique Whitening will ensure longevity of treatment, an excellent aesthetic result and achieve the Gold Standard in teeth whitening.  It is also worth mentioning that the packaging of the Boutique Whitening kit has received outstanding feedback from users.

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Are your patients ready for a whiter, brighter smile?