One option for whitening teeth?

As demand increases, dentists are looking for teeth whitening products which are efficient, cost-effective and provide lasting results. 

Boutique Whitening is proving to meet the requirements of dentists throughout the UK and beyond. 

Peroxide whitening

Peroxide whitening involves bleaching the teeth by isolating all soft tissues and applying a chemically activated gel to the surface of the teeth.

Prospective patients need reassurance

Even for cosmetic dentistry such as whitening treatments, some patients still need reassurance, especially those almost 50% of patients who have a fear of the dentist.  Some have allowed their fear to overshadow the prospect of a whiter, more confident smile.  It is really important to make sure patients understand that whitening treatment is comfortable, within budget and is convenient.

12% of UK adults have extreme anxiety about visiting a dentist, with women being more likely to do so than men.

For 22% of the UK population, a visit to the dentists is top of the list of activities which make us nervous.

So – there is much to be done by way of educating, informing and reassuring people about treatments given that more than half of adults surveyed wish their teeth were whiter. The Patients’ page on the Boutique Whitening website can help dentists in their quest to encourage people to have the treatment.  The downloadable booklet not only explains the science and process, but also the impact of any existing health conditions on whitening and the law with regard to which products can be used and by whom. 

Are your patients ready for a whiter, brighter smile?