8 Facts About Teeth Whitening

  Teeth = Sponges  Did you know how much our teeth are like sponges? Our teeth have pores, so every colourful thing you eat and drink is absorbed into the pores of your teeth. Age and over consumption of high pigmented foods and drinks stains your teeth/sponge and this results in discoloration. Teeth Whitening = […]

What you need to know about teeth whitening with braces

The perfectly straight, white smile is desired around the world. The few people that have both straight and white teeth past adolescent years are considered extremely lucky, because it is indeed rare.  To have misaligned teeth is very common, perhaps because there are many reasons for  misalignment. Crooked teeth or poor jaw development can be […]

The History of Teeth Whitening

When did teeth whitening start? The first examples of orthodontic treatments started around 4,000 years ago with the Ancient Egyptians. Teeth whitening was one of the advanced treatments they practised.  Ancient Egyptians paved the way for many of the things we use today. With their intelligence they came up with a concoction of white vinegar […]

Professional study reveals dangers of whitening products

The British Dental Journal (BDJ) reveals study on dangers of teeth whitening products In April 2019, the BDJ’s study on the dangers of using over the counter teeth whitening products attracted a great deal of reaction in the dental world and the media.  Here are the BDJ’s findings:   The study found that sodium chlorite, […]

The Benefits of a Luxury Teeth Whitening Treatment

Superior, safe and long lasting results are some of the benefits of choosing a luxury whitening treatment like Boutique Whitening. If you value your health, choosing to whiten your teeth through your dentist is the only option you should ever consider. You are guaranteed the best results, with scientific knowledge behind everything you are using, […]

7 Snacks for White Teeth

What snacks can I have to keep my teeth white? We often rely on snacking to carry us through our days. We all get the urge to graze but often find ourselves lost in packets of biscuits and boxes of chocolate. Chocolate, coffee, sweets – they all have high potential for staining our teeth, which […]

Five Reasons to Say NO to Salon Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is one of the world’s top cosmetic procedures. Its magic enhances a patient’s smile and overall confidence, making it the ultimate transformation. The market is hot for teeth whitening and has become a product offered by non professionals too, such as beauticians. Salons are a luxury and a must visit for any beauty […]

Woman loses four front teeth after botched whitening job

Bella Battle reporeds in The Sun about a woman who lost teeth as a result of whitening treatment from a beautician. The woman paid for a course of teeth whitening treatment, with no idea that it was illegal or that the beautician didn’t know what she was doing. The peroxide the beautician used caused weakness […]

Unlicensed Teeth Whitening Results in 3rd Degree Burns

Ellie House of the Daily Record reports on the dire results experienced by one woman after receiving teeth whitening treatment in a woman’s home. A young woman from Renfrewshire was left with third degree burns on her lips after having her teeth whitened. Devastated Abbie Kilbride, 18, from Renfrew, has been left looking “like Kylie […]

Rogue beauticians are selling dangerous tooth whitening products

The Daily Record covered the story about the Local Government Association calling for action from the UK Government against unlicensed treatments using illegal whitening products. The treatments being offered at beauty salons contain 300 times the legal limit of hydrogen peroxide, which is much stronger than dental professionals themselves use. Local councils insist that tougher […]

The dangers of DIY teeth whitening

Bridget March in Harper’s Bazaar described what to be aware of before whitening your teeth at home. What follows is the gist of what she had to report: Many of us help to discolour our teeth by eating and drinking substances which stain the teeth. It can be tempting to go for a quick-fix whitening […]

What beverages are safe for our teeth?

The things we eat, smoke and drink all have an impact on our teeth. Drinks can stain our teeth and over time the acidity found in most of our favourite drinks softens our enamel and makes our teeth vulnerable to cavities and sensitivity.  Pop  Pop is terrible for our teeth and waistline! It contains high […]

Safe Teeth Whitening Checklist

Teeth whitening is widely available around the world, with over the counter products sold at our nearest convenience stores and beauticians offering the treatment from their salons.  However,  it is in fact illegal for anybody but a dentist to perform teeth whitening. Store bought or non regulated products purchased over the internet can also be […]

Why you should choose a private dentist.

We are often uncertain about how the English dental system works. Do we choose a private or NHS dentist? Which is the best option for cost? Where can we get the best care? These are common questions we ask ourselves when it comes to choosing the right dentist for us.  Dental decay is increasing fast […]