How important is a beautiful smile?

The psychology of smiling has been studied by many philosophers over the years. Adrian Furnham Ph.D wrote the book ‘The Surprising Psychology of Smiling’. He said ‘’Smiling, it is argued, is the outward manifestation of happiness and serves to begin to connect us to each other’’.  Charles Darwin was one of the first to study […]

If you’re thinking about over the counter whitening….

Thinking about over the counter whitening? Think again! There are so many over the counter products to choose from: strips, gels, pens and mouth lights. Researchers from a Manchester University in the UK tested five non-hydrogen peroxide whitening products – on extracted teeth – from various UK high street stores. They found that three out […]

Are you unhappy with your smile?

Looking for ways to transform  your smile couldn’t be easier these days, with a variety of options available to us from our dentists. We have reviewed ways for you to achieve that smile you’ve been dreaming of! Cosmetic Bonding is a pain free and cost effective procedure you should consider having to improve your smile. […]

Why are my teeth yellow?

Who doesn’t love a white smile? We all crave pearly white teeth, yet increasingly our confidence is shattered by our teeth turning yellow as we age. The science behind this very common problem is based upon a few factors.  Tooth colour is affected by the way teeth reflect, absorb light and scatter. As drinkers of […]

It’s worth knowing…

More than 80 people have been prosecuted for illegal teeth whitening in the last three years. Dental professionals have deep concerns that patients are choosing cut price whitening treatments in beauty salons and from people working out of their own homes. Teeth whitening can only be legally and safely carried out by a dentist. It’s […]

Home tooth whitening caused 3rd degree burns

Hattie Gladwell in Metro reported the case of a girl left with 3rd degree burns on her mouth.  She’d had a treatment session in the home of an unnamed woman after seeing that people had been treated by her for teeth whitening. The session lasted an hour, with the woman topping up the gel every […]